Summer Great Expedition 3303

Summer Great Expedition Logo

Logo by Kurtis Newton

Historically, the Summer Great expedition or more commonly known as “SGE” by the former members of the expedition took place shortly after the assassination of the imperial senator, Salome. Moreover, The departure took place in the system HR 6421, cradle of the Children of Raxxla faction to which it Belonged. At that time, the recent arrival of the engineers had allowed the pilots to make the necessary modifications to the smooth running of the latter (with for example the modification of the FSD which greatly increased the jump range of the vessels). The main objective of the expedition was to bring about sixty commanders from the other side of the galaxy and more precisely to Beagle Point. Rumors even claim that some of them managed to reach Ishum’s reach the farthest point of the soil system (65647.34 AL). The main route or route A was made up of 14 waypoints.

However, very quickly a second route is created and managed by the Wing Atlantis, focused on the Salome’s Lore. This one was once arrived in the Hawking’s Gap to oblique to Sagittarius A* then to reach Colonia and finally to enter the Bubble via The Confux and Formidine Rift. The loop to be traversed for those who used this route was still 67391.10 AL. The secondary route or route B was made up of 6 waypoints.

The flagship of the expedition was a Lakon Type-9 Heavy, it possessed a maximum range of 23.15 light years for 320 tons of tank with a autonomy of 1041.30 AL. I can assure you that at the time the crossing of the abyss was not something to be taken lightly.

SGE route

Illustration of Route A using the 3d map EDSM

The expedition was identified by the Galactic Mapping Project because the secondary objective was to find and reference all the extraordinary discoveries that could be made There. This was particularly the case for 3 of them:

Only three types of vessels were then accessible. The pilots had the choice of the following categories. First, the role of Explorer. Quite simple, it consisted of travelling in groups or solo by worrying only about stealing, taking pictures and sometimes finding interesting things. Then came the role of Stratotanker. This one was a bit more complex and gave more responsibility even if it was not exploited to its full potential for lack of help requests. This was to assist a commanding officer who could run out of fuel at any location on the Route. Finally, came the role of medical frigate (as a premise to the creation of MediCorp). Purely role play at this time, the game did not possess the necessary features so that it could be exploited as it should.

SGE screenshot

Photo taken during the SGE by the CMDR Gleesk

The SGE officially ended on 22 October 3303 when the last commander returned safely to the bubble almost 5 months after his departure. The distance traveled by the participants of route A was about 160,000 AL (round trip).

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