Colonia Spring Investigation

Logo by Alistair Hope

The DSN is proud to present its new expedition: The Colonia Spring Investigation

This expedition will start in Colonia on Sunday , May 1, 3308 (2022), and will last 7 weeks, with an arrival in the human bubble on June 19, 3308 (2022).

The DSN Fleet Carrier, the Phileas Fogg, will be present throughout the expedition, and will offer a Bulle – Colonia route before the expedition.

This expedition will be managed exclusively in French, and it will not be offered an English translation.

It will be hosted on the Odyssey version of the game. Although participation with Horizon is possible, it is not recommended because a significant part of the proposed content will require Odyssey.

For this expedition, we offer you something different from previous times.

Indeed, the waypoints will not be known in advance by the participants.

The expedition will be based on a story in which commanders will be invited to participate, completing a certain number of in-game activities (related to exploration of course). Depending on the results of their actions, participants will be able to advance the story each week, and thus determine where to go next. Participation in history-related activities is strongly advised to take full advantage of the content of the expedition, but not mandatory, and a commander who simply wishes to “follow” the route can do so.

To allow players actions to be taken into account, the expedition will rely on a series of small EDMC plugins. The use of this third-party tool will therefore be necessary for your contribution to be counted during the activities. You can participate without installing these plugins, but your actions will not be taken into account quantitatively for the progress of the story.

To be able to participate in all the activities of the Colonia Spring Investigation, the following elements are essential :

  • An exploration spacecraft with a minimum range of 35 Al, equipped with a detailed surface scanner and a Fuel Scoop.
  • One or more VRS (regardless of type)
  • A search drone controller (with a little cargo hold, not necessarily on the same ship)
  • An Artemis Combination allowing the scanning of plants / planetary geology structures.
  • A mining vessel, equipped at least with mining lasers, ideally complemented by other mining tools. This ship will be used punctually. If you do not have one, you will still be able to participate in the majority of the content.
Reminder : you can store as many ships and modules as you want in the DSN Fleet Carrier, the Phileas Fogg, which will be present throughout the expedition, and will be back in the bubble on June 19, 2022.

Attention : the total route of the expedition will be about 75,000 Al from Colonia, with stages of 7,000 to 16,000 Al per week, with an average of 12,500 Al. If you want to do the whole expedition aboard your ship, we suggest that you have a good jump range (ideally 50 to 70 Al), and possibly prepare your ship so that you can comfortably use neutrons.

Note that you will be able to board the DSN Fleet Carrier, the Phileas Fogg, at each waypoint if we do not have enough playing time to make the stage with your ship.