DSN Rendez-Vous are short outings, of one or a few evenings at most.

These are group activities, lighter than expeditions.

Announcements of DSN Rendez-Vous:

Support Array: DSN Operation

On June 9, 3306, Fleet Carriers will be available for sale at Brewer Corporation shipyards.

Three Fleet Carriers will be positioned in the eastern part of the Galaxy. On this occasion we invite the commanders who wish to come and contribute to this deployment.

Inititative Deep Space Support Array

At the initiative of Qohen Leth and under the coordination of FleetComm, the DSSA (Deep Space Support Array) will soon be born! It’s a network of Fleet Carriers spread over the 42 sectors of the Galaxy, aiming to provide a long-term support structure for explorers. The DSN will maintain two of the DSSA Fleet Carriers in areas northeast of the Galaxy:

DSSA Dryman’s Hope
Owner: CMDR Alicia Hope (related to CMDR Alistair Hope)
Destination: Eock Prau IP-X b15-0 (Dryman’s Point Area)
DSSA Bougainville
Owner: CMDR Nozdus
Destination: Eock Bluae QL-X c1-1 (Trojan Belt Sector)

Support Array: DSN Operation

We therefore propose the Support Array: DSN Operation for the positioning of these two Fleet Carriers, as well as the CMDR Kazahnn Drahnn who, although it does not fit into Operation DSSA, will position it near Sagittarius A* as part of an operation to map clusters of planetary nebulae and search for tritium-rich systems. This is related to the Galactic Mapping Project.

DSN Argonath
Owner: CMDR Kazahnn Drahnn
Destination: (Galactic Center)
The objectives of the Argonath DSN are multiple and detailed at the bottom of this article.

This operation will be short, and conducted in several phases:

June 9-10: Filling of 3 Fleet Carriers in Tritium

From the evening of June 9 (as soon as the update is made) until June 10 at midnight (night from 10 to 11). Voluntary commanders will purchase (or mine tritium if they wish) in the Fleet Carriers system and resell it in the Fleet Carrier at cost.

June 10 midnight (Night of June 10-11): Departure of Fleet Carriers

On the night of June 10 to June 11, at midnight the Fleet Carriers will set off for their respective destinations. Commanders who wish to do so will previously ride in one of the Fleet Carriers (announcement to come) to enjoy the ride. Please note that the trip will last until Sunday, June 14.

Sundays June 14, 21 and 28: Rendez-vous DSN

We’ll give you a rendez-vous each time near one of the three Fleet Carriers for a group party. This will give you a week to make the trip every time.

Initiative DSN Argonath

The main operation is to allow scientific teams to board to study, analyze and map for several weeks the various clusters of planetary nebulae previously spotted on the galactic map and present in the following regions: Galactic Centre, Empyrean Straits – Ryker’s Hope. It will provide pilots on board with an important point of support in reconnaissance and observation operations in the previously named regions. All discoveries made during the research can be transmitted directly to Universal Cartographics via the equipment specially installed on the Fleet Carrier for the occasion. The mission is of course very closely linked to the Galactic Mapping Project (G.M.P.). The most important discoveries will be meticulously analyzed and proposed to the stellar mapping project. Those who deserve it will be able to have their own point of interest on the galactic map, shared with all. The Fleet Carrier will be required to travel to the study areas as required by the mission. For this reason, everyone, if he can, will be asked to ship mining equipment so that the tritium stock on board is always sufficient for the proper course of flight plan and also for it to maintain its autonomy in deep space. Another objective of the Argonath DSN is to provide the Galactic Mapping Project with system coordinates of the systems where a relatively large amount of tritium (triple hotspot) can be found so that this data can then be shared with the community for the enhancement and facilitation of Fleet Carriers’ movements through the Milky Way.

RDV DSN #4: Notable Stellar Phenomenas

On the way back and while waiting for DW2, we will organize a DSN Rendez-Vous on Sunday 16 December at 8pm ingame. We aim to visit new POIs (space or planetary)…. If we find it soon enough: we still have 4 days!

We will investigate near Sacaqawea Space Port, in the Skaudai CH-B d14-34 system.If you are interested, you can already go to this area, or even help us find the POIs in question from 3.3 release (December, 11th). This event comes without any guarantees. For any complaints, please paper writing help contact Kazahnn Drahnn, who is responsible for everything that happens on the DSN anyway.

RDV DSN #3 with the Paradox Wing-Generation Ship Tour

This DSN Rendez-Vous was an opportunity to build our first relationship with the Paradox Wing by joining the future Past: the Generation Ship Tour event.

The purpose of this event was to visit all of the Generation ships known to date.

An evening rich in discovery of the Lore and collaboration with the Paradox Wing which inaugurated the foundations of the Autumn Odyssey.

RDV DSN #2 Lucifer’s lairs

After a first DSN Rendez-Vous oriented to the visuals and the beauty of the Sky box in a nebula, this second Rendez-Vous highlighted a planet “scarred” by canyons of 20km deep and cliffs with extreme slopes.

This system was discovered during the Luxury Tour and is now registered in GMP.

This allowed a lot of activities for two evenings ranging from a Mass Jump in SRV, to the races in the canyons and finally with a Mass Jump at 15km deep.

RDV DSN #1 Messier 78 Nebula

The first DSN Rendez-Vous took place at Messier Nebula, a little-known nebula near Orion.

This inaugural event of the DSN Rendez-Vous was an opportunity to discover the blue gradients of this non-procedural nebula.

After an evening in SRV this meeting ended on a Mass Jump in the direction of Orion Nebula.

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