Hosted expedition

In addition to the expeditions it organizes in its own way, the DSN offers to groups to host their Expedition on the DSN’s Discord.

Thus players wishing to organize an expedition can request the administrators of the DSN for logistical support.


If the application is accepted, the DSN provides the following support (free) :

  • Announcement of the expedition to its members on the discord of the DSN, with a relay of information on Twitter
  • Opening of a category dedicated to the expedition on the DSN’s discord, with a set of textual and voice management channels
  • Creation of dedicated roles in the DSN’s discord, administered by the organizers of the expedition
  • No unsolicited intervention by DSN administrators in the management of the expedition itself
  • Depending on the conditions of the expedition, possibility to use the DSN private group ingame (PC)



  • The expedition must either be in French or multilingual including French
  • The expedition must be validated by the administrators of the DSN


To request logistical support for your expedition , join the DSN discord and contact a @DSN Admin


Expeditions previously hosted by the DSN



The Eclipsis Adder Tour was organized by Eclipsis and hosted by the Deep Space Network.

It was created to allow French and English speaking commanders to discover places on the theme of Thargoids/guardians, using only one vessel: Adder by Zorgon Peterson’s Adder.

The Adder Tour began in the main system of Eclipsis: WOLF 562 and took place mainly in the Pleiades. The departure took place on March 1st, 3304 and the expedition had a duration of about 1 month.

Rallies took place every two days, between 18 and 22 hours (In-Game time). 

Official expedition page 

EDSM page of the expedition