You are currently viewing RDV DSN #4: Notable Stellar Phenomenas

RDV DSN #4: Notable Stellar Phenomenas

On the way back and while waiting for DW2, we will organize a DSN Rendez-Vous on Sunday 16 December at 8pm ingame. We aim to visit new POIs (space or planetary)…. If we find it soon enough: we still have 4 days!

We will investigate near Sacaqawea Space Port, in the Skaudai CH-B d14-34 system.If you are interested, you can already go to this area, or even help us find the POIs in question from 3.3 release (December, 11th). This event comes without any guarantees. For any complaints, please paper writing help contact Kazahnn Drahnn, who is responsible for everything that happens on the DSN anyway.

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