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This expedition was organized at an international level during a partnership between the Paradox Wing and the Deep Space Network, with the aim of visiting the most beautiful and atypical places that the galaxy can contain. It began on September 9, 3304. The expedition was launched from one of the most beautiful and well-known points in the Galaxy: Mitterand Hollow.  

Image of the Cmdr Keelah at the first gathering on Mitterand Hollow

  They then continued on to the second waypoint: Sapphire Veil. This system contains a planet very close to the rings, allowing to have an excellent view on these.  

Image of Cmdr Hanna Hunter

  Some commanders arrived early and made a small detour to the Zurara. It is a megaship located in the area of the Forminide Rift, a place borrowed from history because this area is linked to the adventures of Salome. Others went to the asteroid stations of Heart & Soul Nebula. After a mass jump carried out without hindrance, commanders gathered on the planet to perform an ancestral rite in order to summon Cthulhu.  

Photo of Cmdr Max Ter

  After this ancestral rite, our valuable explorers traveled to Bubble Nebula, a bubble-shaped nebula.  

Photo of Cmdr Melbus

  A training in tight ranks took place in order to allow the explorers to discover the meanders of this mysterious planet.  

Photo taken by the CMDR Kazahnn DRAHNN


The drivers then proceeded to the system: CSI47-21046. For some of them, space madness was beginning to have adverse effects on their psychological aspect. The proof is with this attempt to steal tourist beacon, fortunately foiled in extremis.


Photo taken by the CMDR DocteurGui

  After a successful mass jump, a majority of pilots meet again to trace the initials of the expedition, "AO", in front of the very beautiful Wolf-Rayet of the waypoint.  

Photo taken by the CMDR Zer0axis

  The trip to the next waypoint was a little longer. Now the commanders began to sink a little farther into the depths of the galaxy. There were a few points of interest on the way, like for example an asteroid base in the Crescent Nebula, or the black treasure, a black hole in a planetary nebula. A mass jump was organized on a planet with extremely deep canyons. This system had been previously referenced during the luxury Tour by the Cmdr Jonas Treesong, this was the planet: 6 B, Trifid Sector OI-S B4-12 (Lucifer's Lair).  

Photo taken by the CMDR Alistair Hope

  The English-speaking mass jump was much more compact than that of the French-speaking side:  

Photo by CMDR CosmicWhaleShark

  Then, the whole fleet proceeded to the system containing a very special conposition: Collection of Wonders. The next waypoint, an impressive system by the presence of many stars with rings within the same formation.  

Photo taken by the CMDR Philoufreeze

  After a successful mass jump, our pilots directed to a site of Brain Trees not far away.  

Photo by CMDR Allcrowsareblack with a view of the brain trees

The next waypoint was one of the most dangerous with the presence of three neutron stars in very close orbit.

Photo by CMDR Sandossan at The Crux

Unfortunately the mass jump did not pass very well because the time of setting up too long made the pilots were caught by the cone of one of the neutron stars. Fortunately, more fear than evil, only some damage to the modules of some ships but no death. It was then the beginning of the journey to a gas not like the others, a gas….

Photo by CMDR Sokenji

… fluorescent Pink! Yes pink neon, no changes were made in this photo. This planet gave a nice background for the mass jump.

Photo by CMDR Max Ter during mass jump around a giant gas rose

But this was just an aside from the next waypoint, nicknamed Dryau Awesomes, for this reason:

Photo by CMDR Kazahnn Drahnn from a moon

Giving a magnificent mass jump:

Photo by CMDR Guy from Lombard

Unfortunately, the next waypoint caused ship destruction due to pirated NPC attacks, shooting at sight on the ships, but that does not take away anything from the beauty of the place, Black in Green.

Photo by CMDR DocteurGui at the tourist resort

Because of the insecurity around the tourist facility, the mass jump took place in the neighboring system still located in the nebula, this system containing a planet giving a planetary mass jump

Photo by CMDR Max "Warth" Ter

After this nice waypoint, our commanders continued to the top of the galaxy, nothing above

Photo by CMDR IPatrick

Then our valued pilots redescendirent in the galactic plane to Janus Vision, a small system with only a neutron star, a type M and a black hole showing a magnificent view of the planetary nebula behind.

Photo by CMDR DocteurGui

Then this view was used for the evening mass jump

Photo by CMDR Kazahnn DRAHNN

After a small competition of the most ugly holo me (the winner below)…

Holo-Me the ugliest chosen by the CMDRs

Our pilots directed to Smogasbord, a small system with a black hole that has a red giant and a neutron orbiting it, but the most impressive view is from one of the moons of a gas giant.

Photo by CMDR IPatrick

After a visit of the geysers present on the moons, a mass jump in front of the red giant gives us a magnificent view.  

Photo by CMDR Max Ter

After a stint in the vicinity of Colonia, our commanders directed to the most wanted gas of the DSN, the Green gas Giant (GGG)

Photo by CMDR Sandossan

After a mass jump carried out without hindrance, our CMDR directed to the most unusual anomaly of elite, the collision of two planets (the last one that will come into play in this system)

Photo by CMDR Hanna Hunter from the collision of planets

Unfortunately, the mass jump being on weekdays, only few CMDR we managed to come

Photo by CMDR Zer0axis of the mass jump

And we arrived to the last waypoint: the world of death. Yes it's scary, that's why we have to worry, because we pass very very close to the white dwarf when we are laid on the planet.

Photo by CMDR Zer0axis when passing closest to the white dwarf

There were two mass jump at this waypoint, a planetary and a spatial

Photo by CMDR Hâthor of the planetary mass jump

This marks the end of the expedition, thanks to all the riders who participated!   Useful Links: