Zephyrus Reach

« To reach for new heights and reveal the unknown »


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The DSN is proud to present its new expedition: the Zephyrus Reach.

This expedition will start from Colonia and head northwest to reach the Zephyrus area, passing through a series of particularly interesting waypoints on the main theme of black holes and nebulae. In addition, for the first time, the DSN Fleet Carrier, DSN Phileas Fogg [X2N-T7K] will be present throughout the expedition in support.

Features of the expedition

  • Departure and return to Colonia
  • Departure on September 22, 3306
  • Return November 22, 3306
  • Total length: 60,000 Ly
  • Weekly trip: between 6,000 Ly and 12,000 Ly per week (with the possibility of boarding the Fleet Carrier at each waypoint)
  • Presence of the DSN Phileas Fogg [X2N-T7K] Fleet Carrier at each WP, allowing repairs/stocking, data sales, and eventually vessel change.
  • For the first time, it will be easy to change ships to run activities during the expedition.

Moreover, due to the departure and return of Colonia, we organize a number of steps before and after the expedition :

  • Phase 1 : Filling the Tritium reserves of DSN Phileas Fogg [X2N-T7K], in the Bubble
  • Phase 2 : DSN Phileas Fogg’s [X2N-T7K] journey from the bubble to Colonia, with the possibility for each participant to take one or more ships on board to reach Colonia. Departure on September 13th
  • Phase 3 : Filling the Tritium reserves of DSN Phileas Fogg [X2N-T7K], in Colonia
  • Phase 4 : the expedition itself, from September 20 to November 22
  • Phase 5 : Filling the Tritium reserves of DSN Phileas Fogg [X2N-T7K], in Colonia
  • Phase 6 : DSN Phileas Fogg’s [X2N-T7K] journey from Colonia to the bubble, with the possibility for each participant to board one or more ships to reach the bubble. Departure on November 22nd.


WP    System                      Distance       Date
#1    Colonia                                    20/09/3306
#2    Dryaea Flee ME-G c24-563   3 022.33 Al     27/09/3306
#3    Hypo Auf IH-V f2-59        7 327.19 Al     04/10/3306
#4    Oob Brue ZE-A g0           6 157.37 Al     11/10/3306
#5    Smoorea FG-Y g4           12 120.93 Al     25/10/3306 (2 semaines)
#6    Vegnaa FD-H b40-1          6 337.98 Al     01/11/3306
#7    Phleedgoea FG-Y g762       7 398.98 Al     08/11/3306
#8    Phroi Bluae QI-T e3-3454   7 549.68 Al     15/11/3306
#9    Scheau Pri FW-N e6-43      9 844.70 Al     22/11/3306

Expedition page on EDSM : https://www.edsm.net/en_GB/expeditions/summary/id/117/name/Zephyrus+Reach