Winter Australis Expedition

“Beyond the Perseus Fade, at the end of the Outer Arm Vacuus… »

Logo by Alistair Hope, with help of Valka Arialitan and also CMDRs Hanna Hunter, Korver and Nozdus.

It is in this region close to the human bubble and yet the furthest from the galactic center that the Deep Space Network aims to take the most daring explorers. The route will flow directly into the Region of Sanguineous Rim. From there we will cross the Perseus Fade to jump from the Perseus Arm to the Outer Arm Vacuus. We will continue in the Xibalba region to the end of the arm (Arm’s End) for the bravest of explorers. Finally we will begin the way back through the arm up to the Crab Nebula. Our journey about more than 60,000 Al will be punctuated every Sunday evening with gatherings in ships or SRVs where we will share between CMDRs moments of conviviality, discovery and contemplation. It is also in the Kepler’s Crest and Xibalba regions that we will study biological species that seem mysteriously reminiscent of the Thargoids.

General information

  • Departure: January 12, 3306 (2020)
  • Arrival: 15 March 3306 (2020)
  • Minimum jump range: 55 Al (Range around 60 and 70 Al advised)
  • Materials to synthesize FSD injections: At least 30 premium injections and maximize your inventory if you want to go to Arm’s End

Access to the expedition page on EDSM

The expedition, organized by the Deep Space Network, will be managed exclusively on the Discord server of the DSN. For the usual reasons of security and ease of management, the expedition will take place in the private group DSN (access on demand, in the DSN discord)

Map Source: Elite:Dangerous Astrometrics

Jump range and Jumponium

The level of preparation will be relatively more demanding than for past expeditions as we will be in an area where star density will be very low in some areas and the passage to the Outer Arm Vacuus will require FSD injections. It will be necessary to be equipped with a long-range jump ship (55 Al minimum) and have a sufficient reserve of materials (jumponium) to be able to perform the required FSD injections. Below are guides on ship equipment and the collection of materials needed for FSD injections. Also consider going to the Discord server where we will accompany you in these preparations. The waypoints that precede the crossing will also be an opportunity for everyone to ensure that their reserves are sufficient.

The crossing of the Perseus Fade

The crossing of the Perseus Fade is the obligatory passage to reach the Outer Arm Vacuus by jumping from perseus’s arm from the Skull – Cross Nebulabones. This crossing will require 29 jumps between 55 Al and 110 Al.
The next route was tested by CMDR Korver: Far East Shortcut to Vacuus.
Update 01/15: Another route has been proposed by erroringons128 whose largest jump is 89.3 Al making it possible to cross with a ship having a jump range of 45 AL: South-East Perseus Fade Shortcut.

Optional points to galactic boundaries

The following three optional systems that can reach extreme points in our Galaxy also require even greater jumponium reserves to be reached.

Arm’s End

The end of the Outer Arm Vacuus is the most difficult to access and you should only commit to it at your own risk. It will be necessary to plan the amount of FSD synthesis needed to return to the risk of forever finding yourself adrift outside our Galaxy. CMDR Korver Road Proposal: Arm’s End Road by Gyre (55 jumps between 55 Al and 110 Al and as many to return).

Sepositus Beacon

It is possible to reach the farthest point of Sagittarius Ao (45374.7 Al). Here only 4 jumps between 78 Al and 116 Al and as many to return will be necessary.

Amundsen’s Star

This system is the southernmost point of the Galaxy and therefore the furthest from Beagle Point and Salome’s Reach. It will take 5 jumps between 75 Al and 91 Al and as many to return.


Long-range ships fits

We invite you to consult the guide on the equipment and engineering of his ship for exploration bearing in mind that you will choose to have a very high jump range, which for this expedition will bring you some comfort in this area very little dense in stars.

CMDR Nozdus Krait Phantom: The Krampouz II With a jump range of 65 Al, it boasts a large hangar with two SRVs, some survival tools in distant exploration and enough to collect organic tissue from the biological entities encountered.
CmDR Korver’s Anaconda: The Zelphix LXXV It has a jump range of 75 Al and all the equipment an explorer wants to have for this type of expedition. Consider that this region is full of scoopable stars.
CMDR Korver’s Orca: The Zippy LXIV Has a 64 Al jump range, it has excellent hyper-space handling but does not have a coffee machine on the command deck :(.
CMDR Korver’s ASP Explorer: The Zeppa Budget For those with less budget, still 2 SRV.

Injections FSD

This expedition will require each participant to perform numerous jumponium injections and to properly manage their stocks of necessary raw materials. When you want to jump further than your usual jump range allows, you will realize that in the galactic map, the calculation of the route to this system will not succeed. This is where FSD injections come in.

  • In the galactic map, check the FSD Injection / FSD Boost box
  • Choose the boost level (1, 2 or 3) based on the range you want to reach
  • If this range is sufficient you will find that the calculation of your route to this system will succeed.

  • You now have to go to the inventory panel and go to the summaries section. The first line is FSD injections.

  • Now select the boost level (Basic (J1), Standard (J2) or Premium (J3)) based on what you have selected in the map.
  • Be sure to anticipate how many injections you need for your entire route. Think of the way back if there is one.

  • Validate the injection
  • Engage your SDF

Small note: As with FSD overloads with neutron stars, the amount of fuel needed for the jump is not increased contrary to what the blue part of the fuel gauge may suggest before the jump.


The following table shows for each level of FSD synthesis what materials are needed [table “” not found /]
The most efficient method to refuel materials is to go to the two systems HIP 36601 and Outotz LS-K D8-3 that each house the crystalline shards closest to the bubble (1700 Al). By pulling on the growths of crystalline shards with your SRV you will get three materials of grade 4 (rare) or 5 (very rare). Here are the resources you can recover on these two planets:

  • Polonium: HIP 36601 system, planet C1a
  • Ruthenium: HIP 36601 system, planet C1d
  • Tellurium: HIP 36601 system, planet C3b
  • Technetium: HIP 36601 system, planet C5a
  • Antimony: Outotz LS-K D8-3 system, planet B5c
  • Yttrium: Outotz LS-K D8-3 system, planet B5a

Polonium and Yttrium will be directly usable in FSD Premium injections. You will then have to go to a trader in raw materials that will allow you to efficiently exchange the other rare and very rare materials that you have collected for materials you need. These traders can be searched in the galactic map services list or via the following external sites:

You can check out these pages which will give additional information on the farming of materials.