Sinuous Tubers

CMDR Alistair Hope, Sinuous Tubers, Clooku NU-V d3-2348, A 1


These organic structures are distinguished by their tubular shape and vivid colouration. These organic structures are merely the above-ground portion of a much larger subterranean organism.

Minimum distance between two genetic samples: 100 m

Conditions of occurrence

  • Planets types: planets with no atmosphere, with volcanic activity
  • It seems that the Sinuous Tubers are more common near the Galactic Core.



The species of Sinuous Tuber depends on the type of volcanism and planet:

SpeciesVolcanismPlanet Type
BlatteumAnyMetal Rich or High Metal Content
PrasinumAnyMetal Rich or High Metal Content
RoseumSilicate MagmaAny
ViolaceumAnyMetal Rich or High Metal Content
VirideAnyMetal Rich or High Metal Content