The Codex proposes three sections:

  • The Commander section gathers data and statistics related to the Commander
  • The Discoveries section lists all types of interesting stars or objects that have been discovered in each galactic sector
  • The Knowledge Base section includes articles on all the key elements of the Lore

Commander Section

This section contains a general overview of the commander’s statistics, and three more detailed parts.

The Session Log provides the chronology of the commander’s actions:

The Stats tab groups all the commander’s statistics by categories:

Finally, the Archive section historise all messages received when scanning points of interest, by categories:

Discovery Section

This section includes all the elements discovered in three categories:

  • Stellar bodies
  • Biological or geological points of interest
  • Xenobiological Points of interest

These categories are populated for each of the 42 sectors of the galaxy.


The stellar body part lists all types of stellar bodies (stars, gas giants and terrestrial planets):

The biology and geology part gather the different types of geological or biological surface formations:

The xenobiology part gather the different types of elements related to extraterrestrial civilisations (Guardian or Thargoid):

How Discoveries work

The purpose of the codex is to identify all types of interesting elements of the galaxy.

Each element may have (for each of the 42 sectors) 3 different statutes:

  • Rumored (white color): For these elements we just know the number of elements to discover, without knowing what they are, or where they are located. “Rumored” status elements appear either automatically or according to the actions of all commanders.
  • Reported (orange color): An element obtains this status when at least one commander has scanned this type of element in the sector concerned. In this case the system containing the first scanned element of this type as well as the name of the commander having scanned it and the date are indicated (and only that one, all other system containing this item are not archived).
  • Confirmed (blue color): An element gets this status when our commander scanned an element of this type for the first time. The system and the date are indicated.

By clicking on the name of a reported or confirmed system, it opens the Galaxy Map on the system in question.

The entry into the codex is done immediately after the scan has been completed (not after selling the data). Adding items to the Codex gives credit rewards, which can be recovered in the contact section of the stations.

The scan is done:

  • Using the discovery scanner for the bodies.
  • Using the short-range composition scanner for all biological, geological or xenobiological elements.

For each main type (example: water world), there may be subtypes (example: Terraformable water world, not terraformable water world). Each subtype has its own entry as rumored, reported and confirmed.

Knowledge Base Section

This section plays the role of encyclopedia for all elements related to the lore of Elite: Dangerous.

The pages are grouped by large themes, and can be read vocally.