Brain Trees genus

CMDR Hanna Hunter, Brain Tree, Prua Phoe US-B d67, AB 8 a


These organic structures are so called because of the vaguely brain-like growths on the ends of their branches. These resilient organic structures absorb minerals via their subsurface roots and energy via their outer skin.

Minimum distance between two genetic samples: 100 m

Conditions of occurrence

  • Planets types: planets with no atmosphere, with volcanic activity
  • Brain Trees are only present in certain areas. The current assumption is that these areas are located around the Guardian ruins, however this connection is not yet completely certain.

A practical consequence is that when Brain Trees are found in one system, one can expect to find them in other nearby systems.



The type of Brain Trees is conditioned by the type of planet, the temperature but also the presence in the system of an Earth-like world, or a gas giant with water-based life.

The table below shows the conditions suitable for each type of Brain Tree:

Type (log)Type (codex)TemperatureELW / GG WBLMetal-RichHMCRockyRocky Icy
AureusAureum300K - 500KXXX
CymatilisLindigoticum300K - 500KXXX
CarpasinusGypseeum200K - 300KXX
LivensLividum300K - 500KXX
ViridansViride100K - 270KXX
RoseusRoseum200K - 500KXXXX