Artemis Biological Survey

Logo by Alistair Hope

The expedition organized by the DSN will depart from Veil Nebula West and cross the surrounding areas of the Inner Orion Spur, passing through a series of waypoints particularly interesting in terms of biological and geological research.The objective of the expedition is to explore the stellar systems along the way in search of new biological features and exceptional geological formations in partnership with Vista Genomics – Universal Catographics. Our will and to involve the participants in terms of recognition, the recovery of biological and geological data as well as for mapping areas close to the waypoints but also along the route.

The Fleet Carrier of the DSN, the DSN Phileas Fogg will be present throughout the expedition in support. The expedition, will be managed exclusively on the DSN’s Discord server. For the usual reasons of security and ease of management, the expeditionwill take place in the private group DSN (access on demand, in the DSN discord).

Trailer par Eikoop

Expedition features:

  • Departure: June 04, 3307 (Veil West Sector DL-Y d68 (Funfair Geysers / Veil Nebula West) )
  • End: July 11, 3307 (Sagittarius A*)
  • Total Length: 46 613 Ly
  • Rhythm: Between 5,000 Ly and 11,000 Ly per week (with the possibility to board the Fleet Carrier at each waypoint)
  • Fleet Carrier: Presence of the Fleet Carrier DSN Phileas Fogg at each WP, allowing repairs/restocking, Universal Cartographics, equipment and shipyard. It will ensure the quick return to the bubble once the expedition is complete.
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Expedition map:


                                                 Distance from
     Date         System                         previous WP
#1   04/06        Veil West Sector DL-Y d68
#2   06/06        Seagull Sector DL-Y d3         5 072,56 Ly 
#3   13/06        Heart Sector IR-V b2-0         8 338,15 Ly
#4   20/06        Crescent Sector GW-W c1-8      6 574,34 Ly
#5   27/06        Skaudai CH-B d14-34            9 233,84 Ly
#6   04/07        Boewnst KS-S c20-959           6 090,02 Ly
#7   11/07        Sagittarius A*                11 304,21 Ly

Total = 46 613,12 Ly

Expedition organisation

Each week:

  • Monday-Tuesday: Fleet Carrier Phileas Fogg travel to the next waypoint
  • Friday evening: Organised group activities (races on foot, SRV races, geyser jumping, base jump, fly by)
  • Sunday evening: Mass jump (grouped FSD jump)
  • Throughout the week:
    • Photo contest
    • Scientific data collection (especially biological POI)
    • Tritium mining
    • Spontaneous meetings and activities between players (not managed by the organisers)

Equipment (strongly) recommended:

  • At least one, ideally several SRVs
  • A suit, ideally Artemis (better autonomy, exo-scanner), and supplies of energy cells
  • A detailed surface scanner
  • A fuel scoop

In all cases, participation is free: you do what you like and at your own pace, the Fleet Carrier allows you to take breaks if you wish.

Moreover, don’t hesitate to take several ships in the Fleet Carrier, to vary the pleasures.
Finally, until the departure of the expedition, the Fleet Carrier is parked in the Barathaona system, if you wish to take on board ships or modules before the departure.

WARNING: Group activities will be hosted in the DSN Private Group (on PC). Don’t forget to ask for access before departure (see #reglement-rules)

Herbarium of the expedition